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Things you should know prior to selling 3D models in internet

If you are 3D model creator, in other words 3D modeling and have a somewhat experience in the field, it is not necessary to explain about selling 3d models in the internet. Some 3D artists are performing this as a part time income while some 3D artists performing this as their main income source. Today I’m going to percent you about the things you should know before starting your 3D model selling in the internet.

First thing we should state in here is, suppose you are a PRO type 3D artist, it is not easy task to perform. If you are a 3D modeling beginner, it would cost little bit of time in order to get some idea about this. And the important thing is, you should have to have at least a knowledge level of designing a 3D object and rendering process after that gaining an out-put image. I’m not going to tell the complicated way of selling your own 3D models on you particularly created website, this is way easier way of selling 3D models in online marketplaces.

How can I earn money through this? 

In a proper way, this works as the particular marketplace will publish your 3D model on their website and once you a buyer would buy your 3D model a share of the total value of the item for the company and remaining amount would be your portion. This amount calls as the Royalty Fee and this differs from company to company.
Ex- If you sell your $100 worth model to 60% royalty based company, you would get $60 royalty and company get $40.

Online marketplace where you can sell 3D models at  

There are several companies where you will able to sell your 3D models, you might already have an idea about few of them. I have stated few below.
  1. Turbosquid 
  2. CGTrader 
  3. 3DExport
  4. Highend3D
  5. Unrealengine Marketplace
  6. Unity Assets Store
  7. Shapeways
  8. Sculpteo
  9. Renderosity
  10. Daz3D
  11. 3Docean (Not Recommended)
  12. CGStudio (Not Recommended)
Those which have stated above are selling their own level and unique 3D models. As an example ‘’Shapeways” company sells 3D models which suitable for 3D printing.

Which company/companies suitable for yourself? 

Let’s have look at the way of selecting most suitable company for your preference, the first thing you should keep your eye on is the selecting process. In other words, would you go for an exclusive company or would submit 3D models on nonexclusive company.

If you go for an exclusive company you would get higher royalty rate plus many more, I personally won’t agree with that. If you get such benefits, buy submitting your 3D models on nonexclusive companies you would get higher return, so my personal concern and the advice is, go for nonexclusive companies.

After you completed selecting process, you have to select popular and cheapest company or companies. You may find the most popular company through Alexa ranking. This is not a 100% accurate method but it will give a considerable idea about the web site.

Log on to Alexa from here-
In order to check Alexa ranking -
From that list you should select the lowest ranked websites.

Best online marketplaces with best Royalty Rate


If I’m not mistaken CGtrader gives the best royalty rate by 2017, as a startup it gives an amount of 70% of your product, but while you are selling 3D models and ranking goes up, you will able to increase the royalty rate up to 80% based on your artist rank. This company does not limit your selling capability while you are selling on this site, you can go for another website as well. There is no option call exclusive artists.


There are 02 options where you can select memberships, one option is squid guild (exclusive) membership. if you select this you can’t sell your product in other websites. (You might be able to sell depend on certain conditions) and the royalty rate is 60%. Other option is non-exclusive membership, this option has a royalty rate of 40%, important thing is you will be able to sell your product at other market places as well. As I mentioned above, you should select non-exclusive membership, because you can earn more than you earn with exclusive membership as you sell your 3D models in other market places


Since this website has many visitors I do not strongly recommend this website, as a result of this this website gives 60% royalty rate.


This gives 55% royalty rate and also you will able to upload tutorials, plugins and even 3D industry news, when it comes to payments skrill and PayPal is the main cash receiving methods, but you will not be able to get money through payoneer or wire transfer, this is for the time being and this might change in the future with new transfer methods.

Unrealengine Marketplace

This market place sells the 3D models which can be used on Unrealengine game engine and the royalty rate is 70%.

Unity Assets Store

This market place specially designed for the 3D models which are using on Unity game engine and the royalty rate is 70%.


On this market place you will be able to sell 3D models which suitable for 3D printing and this website provides lots of services for 3D printing services.


Even this website specialized in 3D models services for 3D printing.


This market place specialized for character models and this website very popular for DAZ Studio and Poser software related 3D models.


Even This market place specialized for character models and this website very popular for DAZ Studio and Poser related 3D models.

You do not even think to sell your 3D models on this website

There are few websites which are black listed because of several reasons, below stated websites has bad reviews among sellers and creators. Why? Read this article.

Now you should be having a clear idea and knowledge about the online market places, next factor you should consider is publishing the 3D models on online market places, further more about publishing you may read the article.

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