Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Things you should do before publishing your 3D model

We have already given a clear idea about the selling and publishing process on internet and selecting the marketplace, if you haven’t read that article you may go to this link ………………………………. . Now we can discuss about the things we should do before publishing a 3D model.
People tend to avoid these factors most of the times, but because of that reason without having a clear idea about 3D model publishing, you will end up having a bad result and it’s been proven.

First quality second quantity 

When you publishing your 3D models first factor you must consider is quality, in the process of 3D model creation, the natural shape, using quads/tris/ngons as required and prioritizing Shaders/Materials and Renderings are the important.
Furthermore, after your creation you should clean up your 3D model, this will vary from your software but things like isolated vertices, edges with no faces should be defiantly removed. If you do not have an idea about this, get YouTube tutorial for your help.

Publishing various files format

When you publish your product, we recommended you to publish your product with various formats such as max (3DS Max), mb/ma (Maya), blend (Blender), c4d(Cinema 4D). Furthermore, make sure to publish with exchanging file formats such as fbx and obj since it is easy to import into customer’s software. During the publishing process you should prepare your 3D model according to the software, after that you may check whether particular 3D model Rendering on the software and it will help you to get rid of the customer’s issue.

Massive Presentation 

This is an important point, even if you created an awesome and unique 3D model, if the publishing place would not present your product properly, you won’t be able to achieve a high sales target. My recommendation is rendering a black or gray background with higher resolution will give your 3D model a best quality. Even if the resolution differs from the market place, you should always render it based on 1280X720 resolution. Furthermore, you should publish your 3D model that covers every single angle of it.
Next point is publishing your 3D model with wireframe render, then customer will get an idea about the object’s vertices, edges and faces.
Last point is, if you have unwrapped or texture your 3D model, you may publish UV and Textures’ preview. This is an important and the way you unwrapped the 3D model, customer will be able to modify and texture easily.

Proper Presentation 

You should present 3D model’s details properly, if it contains polygons(faces), vertices and ngons, you should count the number of ngons and should state. Furthermore, the usage of the 3D model should be clearly mentioned the usage as high resolution film or real-time/game. The reason to mention the texture type because, that gives a clearer idea about texturing and material workflow of the 3DE model.

Example: Base Color, Metallic, Normal, Roughness

Complete uploading process 

Put Different formats to different folders and create a ZIP format file, when you publishing your 3D model with ZIP format, the buyer will be able to download them easily and extract them out and it will reduce the size of the file too. 

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