Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The marketplaces where you should not publish your 3D models.

This is absolutely considerable matter, there are few websites where should not sell your products at. Some people do not see any issue in the websites but with my personal experience those websites are non-effective. These two are the major non-effective websites,

  1. 3Docean
  2. Cgstudio

Do not consider about the websites with lowest royalty rate. As I mentioned in my previous article in any websites if you are selling your product as exclusive, it would give you a lowest income, but if you are non-exclusive you can sell your product at any website. You can say selling your 3D models on lowest royalty rate website won’t give you a lowest income.

As an example let’s take 3Docean marketplace, RR is 33%, when you are selling your 3D models on these types of websites, these websites will attract more and more customers, as a result of this Alexa ranking lowest websites gain their popularity. And those may pass the Royalty rate higher websites as well.

Suppose , 2016 ABC market place has 20000 alexa rank in 2016 with 40% royalty rate and XYZ marketplace has 10000 alexa ranking with 70% royalty rate.
If ABC marketplace sells $100 worth 3D models four times and same 3D model on XYZ market place eight times. Then you will get,
ABC : ($100*4)*40/100 = $160
XYZ : ($100*8)*70/100 = $560
Since more and more publishing ABC equals to XYZ in 2017 which is 1000 alexa ranking. ABC’s projected selling rate is 08, Let’s have look at the amount you will get,

ABC : ($100*8)*40/100 = $320
XYZ : ($100*8)*70/100 = $560

As you can see you may not have incurred any loss, what if you and other artists published your products in XYZ market place rather than ABC market place. This results XYZ marketplace becomes popular and ABC customers would reach XYZ instead of ABC.Then you can earn ($100*16)*70/100 = $1120 or more than that, so you should always consider about the highest royalty rate websites rather than lowest market places.
3Docean can be mentioned as this sort of marketplace, 33% RR is some kind of a joke, you should never ever waste your time with this much lowest rate market places which is giving 33& royalty rate.
These marketplaces would not care about their sellers

Next market place is cgstudio, this website is bailed out by Turbosquid company in 2017. This website has highest alexa ranking comparing to other websites. In other words, this is not a famous place compared to other websites, this will offer 40% for non-exclusive members and you should never ever publish your valuable 3D model on this website. And the saddest part is this website won’t pay good attention on sellers, cgstudio is not a good place to sell your product according to my experience.

You may come to an argument that Turbosquid company gives 40% royalty rate, having said that there is no problem to publish your 3D model on this website as this website is leading in the industry and has the lowest alexa ranking. But this might change with the time.

Personally I publish my 3D models on  Turbosquid and CGtrader both places. Since CGtrader has the lower selling rate and higher royalty rate and Turbosquid has lower royalty rate and higher selling volume, both companies will return same amount of money(As for 2017).

I have stated above the market places where you should not publish your 3D models according to my personal experience, having said that these factors might change with someone else’s experiences, please keep that on your mind. 

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