Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The marketplaces where you should not publish your 3D models.

This is absolutely considerable matter, there are few websites where should not sell your products at. Some people do not see any issue in the websites but with my personal experience those websites are non-effective. These two are the major non-effective websites,

  1. 3Docean
  2. Cgstudio

Things you should do before publishing your 3D model

We have already given a clear idea about the selling and publishing process on internet and selecting the marketplace, if you haven’t read that article you may go to this link ………………………………. . Now we can discuss about the things we should do before publishing a 3D model.
People tend to avoid these factors most of the times, but because of that reason without having a clear idea about 3D model publishing, you will end up having a bad result and it’s been proven.

Things you should know prior to selling 3D models in internet

If you are 3D model creator, in other words 3D modeling and have a somewhat experience in the field, it is not necessary to explain about selling 3d models in the internet. Some 3D artists are performing this as a part time income while some 3D artists performing this as their main income source. Today I’m going to percent you about the things you should know before starting your 3D model selling in the internet.