Saturday, October 4, 2014

Creating touch bendable grasses/plants for CRYENGINE using Blender

My game development Walkthrough series - Part 4

                  In my previous post I have talked about creating grasses and now I'm going to explain how to create touch bendable grasses/plants.

                 First open your blender file. If you have more than one grass plane, separate them and place 'Empties' where would you like to start bending(simply snap to vertices). Name these empties as branch<number of the branch>_<number of the joint>. Also make sure to place branchX_1 to bottom and so on.
eg-1st branch(grass plane 1) - branch1_1
                  If you are using 2 branches you can name the second branch as 'branch2_1' and so on. In here I used one grass plane. This is my grass plane with empties.
  bottom - branch1_1
  middle - branch1_2
  top       - branch1_3

              Place the cube which covers entire plane. We are going to use this as bending proxy. So create material with proper physics attributes for that.
eg - grass__02__bendingproxy__physNoCollide

             Create a cryexport node for all objects and export it. Turn on 'Show proxy' to display joints and branches inside the cryengine. This is my small grass clump with two branches. Also you can apply this procedure to trees, bushes and other vegetations.

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