Friday, October 10, 2014

Creating light rays for a forest scene in CRYENGINE

                      In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create light rays for a forest scene. In here I'm going to use light beams which cast on a large area. So this method will heavily impact on the performance.
                      First add an environment probe which covers entire map and set suitable values for diffuse multiplier and specular multiplier. Since we are going to use this probe as the global one, so make sure the sort priority is set to 0.

                        Add another environment probe which covers the forest area. Set sort priority to 1. This depends on the number of environment probes. So make sure to set the correct sort priority value.

                       Adjust the 'TOD' of your choice. Place a light and assign the 'lightbeam_floodlight' material.

                    Use glow texture for projector. Place a light in sun direction. Make sure you are in the very high config spec mode or turn on 'light beams' in the render settings panel. Turn on shadows in the light properties.

                      Generate all cube maps. Your final image will look like this.


  1. can u write this blog in sinhala. I think it is better help to sinhala readers and ur blog will be popular

    1. Yeah. I have think about that. May be in couple of months. I'm busy in nowadays.