Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maya facial animation using Zbrush

                             In this post I'm going to show you how to create a facial animation using Maya and Zbrush. You can do a facial animation using joints but this method is very useful when you going to do very smooth and sharp animation. In here I'm going to do small smile animation.
                             First open you scene and export your model in OBJ format. Then import it into Zbrush. Make sure that you have cleaned your object.

                            Then go to brush panel and press M. Select Move brush.

                               Then make a smile on your face. You can do any facial movement.

                          Export it. Then import it in to your current scene.

                          Select the smiley face and then select the normal face. Go to animation mode. Click Create Deformers->Blend Shape option box. Give a name and create. Then go to Window->Animation Editors-> Blend shape. There you can find your blend shape. Keep in mind that your first and second model must have the same number of polygons, otherwise it won't work.

                              Move the slider. You can see your animation according to slider position. Like that you can create your own facial animation using Zbrush.

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