Thursday, February 7, 2013

Road texture in Maya 2012 substance

                              Maya 2012 comes with new function called substance. You can create realistic seamless procedural textures using substance. Substance only available for Maya 2012 and up.
                             Before begin you have to create road with correct uv mapping. In here I use simple polygon plane and extrude 30 times along a curve.

                            Go to hypershade and create a substance. Then open the road substance file. They are located in your Maya directory (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\substances).

                               In attributes editor turn on Diffuse, Specular, Normal and Height buttons. Set Absolute width to higher value. But you cannot use Bump and Normal at the same time. Use 2048 for Absolute width if you are designing a high quality closeup animation.

                               Then click Create Shader Network. Now you can see your shader network. Assign the newly created Phong E material to road.

                               There are several attributes that controls road surface. You can create custom road texture of your choice.

                                 Normal maps does not support Maya software renderer. So you have to use mental ray renderer. But substance does not support mental ray. So you have to use substance bonus tools. In my next post I will tell you how to do this.


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