Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rendering substance in mentalray

                              First you need to download substance bonus tools. Click here to download it. Make sure to choose correct version. After you download you can read the user guide that includes how to install the package. If you install correctly, you can see a new tab in Maya shelf.

                             Open hypershade and select the substance. Then click Convert the current Substance network to mentalRay ready network.

                                  Then you can see a dialog box. Turn on gamma correction and click Create mentalRay shader network.

                                 After that assign the newly created mia material to your object. Now you can render in mental ray.


  1. Sir I am trying to render a road texture using substance property of Maya 2012 & also installed substance bonus tool .I followed all your steps but still I am not able to render the scene in mental ray while it is renderable using maya software.Ny suggestions for this?
    Thank You.

  2. Any tips for render the substance quicker with MR or render separately through passes in maya 2012?

    1. You can use Vue renderer. If you animation does not have any closeup scenes, don't use displacement maps.