Saturday, February 9, 2013

Desert landscape for Maya

                            In my previous post I discuss about how to integrate Vue with Maya. If you didn't read it, go to my previous post by clicking here. Now lets see how to create a simple terrain.

                           Create procedural terrain. Its on your left side toolbar(icon is mountain with f letter). In object information section double click the terrain. In terrain editor click on the zero edges button(in the left side of the terrain editor). Then go to Proc. tab. Write click the material and choose Edit Function. Click on the math node and set Multiply by value to 5.

                            Click on the Fractal node and choose Terrain fractal. In here I use 40.0 for meta scale value and 10.0 for largest feature.

                                  Look at the below image. Those colors represents height lines of the terrain. This will be used to create road along these lines(red color). These lines are random. I have to set 7 for Origin X value to get terrains like this. Set different values to Origin attribute until you get suitable terrain for your scene.

                                Click ok and go to terrain editor. Now you have to create a path on the terrain. Write click on the Filter and click Edit Filter. This curve represents slope of the terrain. Create a two new key points set it as follows.

                        These key points are going to create flat path of the terrain according to terrain height. This is my path.

                           Click ok. Create a another procedural terrain and go to terrain editor. Double click on the material. Choose Rock & Hills in terrain altitudes section. Click ok. Duplicate the terrain two times and place those around the primary terrain.

                          This is my final render.

                         In my next post I will tell you how add some plants and materials. If you have any questions post it as a comment.

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