Monday, February 4, 2013

Depth of field

                                 In this post I'm going to show you how to add depth for camera which is known as camera blur. You can do it on Autodesk Composite but I think this method is also good. Hope you guys enjoy it.
                                  First open your scene. Create a camera. Go to Create->Measure Tools->Distance Tool.   Then place a locator on the camera holding down X key. After that place another locator near the camera.

                                  Select distanceDimension, locator 1, locator 2. Then finally select the camera holding down shift key. Press P. It will parent them.

                                  Go to camera attributes and find the Depth Of Field section. Turn on Depth Of Field. Select the camera and go to Window->Hypergraph: Hierarchy. Drag and drop distanceDimension to Focus Distance attribute.

                               Move your camera to place that you want. Move locator 2  to object that you want to focus. Render your scene...........

                               Without depth of field.

                              With depth of field.

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