Friday, February 8, 2013

Car smoke trail

                          In this post I'm going to show you how to create a car smoke trail. In here we are going to use particles, not nparticles. Most people use nparticles for their car animations but I think particles method is also important. hope you guys enjoy it.

                         First open your car animation scene. Switch to Dynamics mode by pressing F5. Place four emitters(Particles->Create Emitter) near car wheels. Go to Attributes Editor and set Emitter type as  Volume.  Set Rate(Particles/sec) to 300. Set Volume Shape as Sphere. Set Away From Axis and Along Axis to 0. You have to set these values for all emitters. Go to Outliner and select the four emitters and select the car while holding shift key. Then press p to parent them.
                              Switch to ParticleShape tab and set Particle Render Type to Cloud (s/w). Click Current Render Type. Set Radius value to 2.000.

                             Select four particle shapes and create Turbulence Field(Fields->Turbulence). Go to Attributes Editor. Set Magnitude to 10.0. Set Attenuation to 0.0 and frequency to 4.0. Again select four particle shapes(not emitters) and then select the ground while holding shift key. Click Particles->Make Collide. Go to Attributes Editor. Set Resilience to 0.25 and Friction to 0.32.

                             Select the particle shape and go to Attributes Editor. Click Opacity under "Add Dynamics Attributes".

                              Now you can see a message box. Put a tic on Add Per Particle Attribute and click Add Attribute. Then right click on the Opacity PP and choose create ramp. Then you can go to ramp texture and adjust it. Opacity PP controls the opacity per particle. Use black and white color for ramp.

                               Scroll up and set Lifespan Mode to Random range. Then set Lifespan Random to 10.0. You have to set these values for all particle shapes.

                               Go to Hypershade. Select Particle Cloud Material. In the Attributes Editor click on the Transparency color and set R,G,B value to 0.99.  Assign brown color to particle color and play your animation.

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