Saturday, February 9, 2013

Car paint material

                              When you are rendering a car with default mi_car_paint material you can see little noisy scratches on your car body. You have to do some little modification. In this post I will discuss about the mi_car_paint material.
                                First create the material and assign it to your car. Go to attributes editor  and set the Base Color and Lit Color. These two colors must be little bit different. Increase Lit Color Bias little bit if you want. Increase Diffuse Bias to 2.000. Set edge color to dark grey.

                                Scroll down and expand Specular Parameters. Set color to a light red(depends on your base color). Set weight to 0.5 and Spec Exp to 80.0.

                                 Then we have to modify Flake Parameters. Set flake color to light grey.
Flake Weight-1.2
Flake Reflect-0.05
Flake Exp-120
Flake Density-0.3(increase this parameter if you want)
Flake Strength-0.8
Flake Scale-0.01(this value depends on your car scale)

                                You can see the material is more realistic than previous. No need to change any reflection parameters. If you are going to render your car on exterior scene, change the reflection parameters of your choice.

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