Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adding materials and plants to vue scene

                                   In my previous post I talked about how to create a desert landscape using Vue. You can go to my previous post by clicking here.

                           Open the current scene. Then go to material editor by double clicking the material. Select Mixed material. Now you can see two materials under default material.

                             Select the first material under default material and double click on the preview material.

                              There are several material that suitable for desert terrain. Select Brown Sand material or any other material.

                             Assign Chipped with paths material to second material. You can add bump maps and layered materials of your choice. Click on the Main material and go to Influence of environment tab. Turn on Distribution of materials dependent on  local slope, altitude and orientation. We want Chipped with paths material at high altitude. Set following values.

                                 Note that following values are depends on your scene.

  • Mixing Proportions. 
  • Influence of altitude.
  • Influence of slope.

                         Click ok. Add rock material to other two procedural terrains. Now your image will look like this.

                              Now you have to add desert plants. Go to EcoSystem painter. It is on top of your screen(tree with brush). Then select brush as the tool and load some plants. In here I load Dry weeds and Cactus. You can also add some rocks. Also you can buy plants from there web site. Paint on your terrain.

                               In here I use default atmosphere settings. Go to Atmosphere->Load Atmosphere to load the atmosphere. Go to Atmosphere->Atmosphere Editor to edit it. Save you work and open Maya. go to Vue_xStream->File->Open and open your vue scene. In Outliner you can see a group name called VueScene. Expand it and click on the Sun_Light. It controls the direction of the sun of your scene. You can render your scene in mentalray. Do not use mentalray physical sun and sky. Create a polygon road and assign some textures. You can import you own models to your scene. Render your scene. This is my final image.

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